Are you all blocked up? Maybe downloaded a zip file or a directory and now you need to unblock the file (’cause you have no security concerns about the content).
Well, it’s complicated, but there is a way to do that in Powershell.
Here is the command:

Unblock-File -Path (-verbose)

(A path that stops at a directory level (folder) will unblock all the files inside.)

That’s it and that’s that. I like to use the option –verbose in this case, just to get the feedback because this command is quick and does not generate any comments on its own.

Here are the rest of the members in the Unblock Family:

Unblock-FileShareAccess -Name -AccountName -FileServer
Unblock-SmbShareAccess -Name -AccountName -Force
Unblock-Tpm -OwnerAuthorization

#tags: file security, folder security, locked files, Powershell, Unblock


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